I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Turku. My research interests include macroeconomics, economic growth and firm dynamics.


Email: eeanma@utu.fi

Working Papers

Economic Growth through Worker Reallocation: The Role of Knowledge Spillovers


An establishment can improve its productivity by hiring workers from more productive establishments. Then, how important is worker reallocation for aggregate productivity growth? To study this question, I develop a general equilibrium model where knowledge transmits as workers reallocate from one job to another. The calibrated model suggests that the knowledge diffusion mechanism increases the aggregate productivity growth by 0.14 percentage points and enhances welfare. Additionally, the mechanism significantly amplifies the adverse effect of firing costs on aggregate outcomes.

Uncertainty, Misallocation and the Life-cycle Growth of Firms

with Oskari Vähämaa


We develop a measure of static misallocation that separates uncertainty from misallocation generated by tax-like distortions. In the Finnish firm-level data, uncertainty accounts for the majority of ex post misallocation and explains a strong decreasing age-dependent trend in it. To understand these observations, we set up a life-cycle model of firm growth where new firms have to learn their productivity. We match our model with the salient features of the data and show that our model implies idiosyncratic distortions, in line with our accounting approach. According to our quantitative results, uncertainty suppresses output by 38%, while misallocation has a 26% negative effect on output.

Work in Progress

Public Healthcare Investments: The Cost of Information Frictions

with Susmita Baulia

Unraveling the Sources of Firm Heterogeneity